I can’t wait! For one thing, it makes far better sense to him to slow-release his controlled, linger-worthy studio photographs instead of throwing it all out there to be caught in the ephemeral space of a fashion show. To his usual sensual fare of lace-front briefs, the bandage tops à la Hervé Léger (for him), dazzling cage skirts (for her) and thrillingly abbreviated shorts (for whoever dares), the cues taken from TikTok boys and E-girls brought an increased sense of real-life wearability, thanks to easy shapes of tube tops and cargo pants, rainbow-hued knitwear and denim, a new category for the brand introduced this season. In the meantime, they’d had a fashion film romance in June, and a Paris pop-up during the women’s collections in September, a format de Saint Sernin had chosen over a show to allow for in-person interactions. When we did the egg we were thinking about the best way to show it and I thought about Matt and knew he would be the perfect guy to show sex in a way that’s hot yet delicate. “I think that people will react to an image you’ve had time to work on, rather than a show, where someone’s just walking. Privacy Policy and LdSS: I mean, I don’t wanna sound like a fan girl but I have to say Justin Bieber! It takes me closer to what people are wanting from me—and I can take it to the next level as well. Browse our reduced prices on designer fashion, with express delivery & free returns. LdSS: It was a really dreamy childhood growing up in Africa. For some, a knitted jockstrap might not be an everyday staple, and yet this is exactly what Parisian-based Ludovic de Saint Sernin has managed to evolve an entire brand around. 41.3k Followers, 123 Following, 431 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Ludovic de Saint Sernin X (@ludovicdesaintserninx) But recently I have been wanting to inject more specifically women’s pieces in the line up as I happily discovered that more and more women want to be LdSS girls! LOVE: You're now showing on Paris' menswear schedule. Stuck with returned stock, he started putting it on his website. gender So that’s something to look forward to in my January show. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. How did that experience come about? Split your payment in 4 installments over 6 weeks. That was the starting point for the spring collection—to thank the community for basically saving the brand from going down. LdSS: It’s definitely been very much oriented towards menswear so far, even though I have always said that the collection is designed to be worn by both men and women. And the hottest LdSSX boy is actually one of these boys who was featured for this story, so the mystery stays complete since I can’t say who it is! It’s really fun! There’s an ability to expand his world via laser-sharp focus on products and symbols—the eyelet-fly jeans device, the jersey pajamas, the tiny halter pieces, the consistent display of naked torso—that puts his talent for a red-hot item in the same sort of category as that of Simon Porte Jacquemus or Jonathan Anderson. LOVE: You also collaborated with Tenga to create the LdSSX Toy that you shot with Matt Lambert. An LVMH Prize Finalist, Ludovic de Saint Sernin is one of Paris’s must-see newcomers. Enjoy express shipping. He’s my absolute teenage crush fantasy - I was devastated when he got married to Hailey (no offense, Hailey)! LOVE: If there was anyone else in the world who you could dress, who would that be? That was so much fun! All rights reserved. LdSS: Oh boy! So what if it was late October before he revealed his full spring collection? Use Quadpay to shop anywhere, online or in-store. © Copyright 2020  -  Penske Media Corporation. Simon's Takeover of Taubman, What the Future Holds, Exhibition of Jean Paul Gaultier Wedding Gowns Opening in Belgrade, Launchmetrics Acquires Chinese Influencer Analytics Platform Parklu. I met some of my best friends there and learnt so much working for Olivier. LOVE: After working under Olivier Rousteing at Balmain for 3 years, how did the creation of your own brand come about? Terms of Use. LOVE spoke to the emerging designer in the lead up to Paris Men's Fashion Week on his West African upbringing, his ventures into cam boys and sex toys, and the sexiest gift he's ever recieved. A "celebration of the body, of love and elegance", de Saint Sernin's gender-fluid collections have captured the attention of industry heavyweights the likes of Rick Owens and Olivier Rousteing, his former boss while working in the embellishments and textiles department of Balmain. I think for sure the porn/sex industry has changed dramatically since platforms like OnlyFans, where models and actors basically become their own studios. The latest fashion news, beauty coverage, celebrity style, fashion week updates, culture reviews, and videos on Vogue.com. Of all the fashion survival lessons that are being learned right now, he stands for the inimitable virtue of the small and the authentic. And here we are, 2 and a half years later, working on my sixth collection and about to show for the second time on the official calendar of Paris Men’s Fashion Week! LOVE: What does the next decade hold for Ludovic de Saint Sernin? She wore a dress from your SS20 collection in the music video for Icy. Belgian designer a 27-year-old presented his latest show since launching his namesake in 2017. LdSS: We first launched @ludovicdesaintserninx with a shoot I did with Thomas Giddings in Fire Island last year featuring my first swimwear collection modeled by my friends Dylan and Quinton. LOVE: How did your secondary Instagram account, Ludovic de Saint Sernin Sex, first start? I think that’s really new. Okay, the results are in for the name by followers suggested and I think my favorite answer is The Saint Sinners. So this fervent following was also his muse this season, giving the designer a bottomless well of visual inspiration. “The idea was to pay homage to this community that is dear to me and has grown organically at the same pace as the brand. Shop smarter! “It impacted our business in the best way,” he declares. Selecting one of the suggestions will take you to results within kidswear. LdSS: Omg!!! LdSS: It’s hard to chose just one! But if I had to chose, I would say probably the video from @serserserserserserserserser___. Open your wardrobe to Ludovic De Saint Sernin on sale now at Farfetch. LdSS: Yes! “The idea was to identify what they wear, which is these little crop tops and jeans, with lacing around the waist; the shorts they wear. Because it brings the designer closer to the customer.”, For de Saint Sernin, the social medium isn’t just the message; it’s mentality and design methodology all rolled into one. If there is one man on earth who is capable of ‘bringing sexy back’ besides Justin Timberlake, it would be none other than Ludovic de Saint Sernin. After everything that’s happened this year, we realized that they were the people we could count on,” he said during a showroom appointment. “But today it totally makes sense for me to do that. Get all the top news stories and alerts straight to your inbox. She’s coming to Paris in February and we said we would finally meet IRL! “Sometimes with bigger brands, there’s such a distance that people can take it as snobby, or not being human or whatever,” he observes. Selecting one of the suggestions will take you to results within womenswear. 113.6k Followers, 444 Following, 1,554 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Ludovic de Saint Sernin (@ludovicdesaintsernin) All three are both poetic and NSFW! "It represents a return to beauty through the lens of sensuality... so yes, it's sexy but in the most tasteful way possible," he says, reflecting on a year that also saw the blossoming of de Saint Sernin's mysterious, private Instagram account, @ludovicdesaintserninx, a platform he uses to celebrate sex, love and freedom. Sexy, fun and erotic, but above all beautiful, the 29-year-old designer is now preparing for his second show on the official Paris Men's schedule following his SS20 debut of transparent organza suits, impossibly low-cut trousers and that freshly wrapped, knitted towel that sent many fashion osbservers into a frenzy. “We took it into our own hands—literally shooting the collection at home on iPhone, on my boyfriend, and it sold really well. If you change to another destination from China Mainland and need to login again, please use your email. Ludovic de Saint Sernin Spring 2021 The designer named his community of E-boys and girls as the muse of his spring collection. So I took a risk and left the company and just started working on what would become my debut collection and it felt so liberating! Making this Fall 2020 collection his fourth. LdSS: I absolutely adored my time at Balmain, it was my first fashion family. LdSS: Omg! I love the idea of mixing pornography with art and fashion. I wasn’t on set for those as I had to be in Paris at the studio working on the collections so I still have the curiosity of what it is like to be on a set like that. Being a designer you’re constantly looking to be fed with inspirations and beauty, so curiosity is key. For some, a knitted jockstrap might not be an everyday staple, and yet this is exactly what Parisian-based Ludovic de Saint Sernin has managed to evolve an entire brand around. “It’s based on how today, boys and girls create these personas and aesthetic worlds on Instagram and TikTok,” he says. So you’ll find content produced by the brand showcasing the briefs but also gorgeous submissions from photographers, models, artists, and followers. Why did you feel a need to separate it from your main account? Do you think porn/sex has changed with the introduction of internet subscription services like OnlyFans and JustForFans? Wouldn't want to start a feud with her! It’s really colorful as well.”, The crowdsourced spirit of the culture of boys and girls dancing away the gloom of confinement is spelled out on a handwritten T-shirt slogan: “Don’t ruin my fantasy.” De Saint Sernin DM’d artist Jack Taylor Lovatt and asked him to collaborate. LOVE: Born in Belgium and raised on the Ivory Coast before moving to Paris at the age of eight. We did three films, the first one featuring a beautiful dancer from Berlin, the second one featuring my friend and porn actor Sean Ford and the third one a couple of porn actors that Matt filmed in LA. I have been the biggest fan since the first time I heard her songs and immediately became obsessed!!! I was gagging when this came out! Ludovic de Saint Sernin Jewelry at Stylight: Best sellers at USD $250.00+ 14 products in stock Variety of styles & colors » Shop now! The idea for it, he says, came from “an American friend who sent me an image, randomly.” Even in the midst of the pandemic, the confidence of de Saint Sernin’s dynamic of youthful optimism, backed up by his tangible pragmatism, should keep fans flocking. Matthew Mazur, her stylist contacted me to tell me that they were shooting the video and that she was in love with the Swarovski Crystal Dress from my AW19 collection but it was already being featured for an exhibition and therefore unavailable. Choose from 100s of pieces of Ludovic De Saint Sernin clothing & accessories at amazing prices. LOVE: What 3 things inspire you the most? to shop! Often people ask me to create an OnlyFans account where they would be able to see the uncensored content but I think that’s the fun part: to create desire without revealing everything. LOVE: What's the sexiest submission you've ever received? An error occurred while fetching the destinations or regions, Latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) information, Calvin Klein Jeans Est. Fashioning A Community. 1978 reverse-stripe logo jumper, Comme Des Garçons Shirt cropped corduroy trousers, Saint Laurent Eyewear SL 51 square sunglasses, Ralph Lauren Purple Label Sweatshirts & Knitwear. How do you think your upbringing shaped you into who you are today? Joking! They really inspired us to be stronger.”, So from today, de Saint Sernin is beginning to tease out the incendiarily sexy images of his “E-boy” collection on his Instagram page, one picture of a bandeau-strapped torso and jeans with a cross-laced fly at a time. By subscribing, you agree to our Let me actually ask my followers directly on Instagram Stories right now and see what they say. Can you tell us more about that experience and combining pornography with art and fashion? 41.3k Followers, 123 Following, 431 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Ludovic de Saint Sernin X (@ludovicdesaintserninx) There might not be many certainties in 2020, but Ludovic de Saint Sernin had one conviction: The unwavering support of his followers and fans. LdSS: It wouldn’t be a secret anymore if I told you! Among the pieces is an orange, Swarovski, cropped football shirt with LDSS on the front and 1990, his birth year, on the back. © 2020 Condé Nast. It’s a bit early for us right now as a brand probably but the beauty world really is fascinating to me and I would love to explore what Ludovic de Saint Sernin means in terms of beauty.